Guided New Mexico Bear Hunts

Guided New Mexico Bear Hunts

Bear Hunt

New Mexico Black Bear Hound Hunts

K9 Country Outfitters offers exclusive 5-day New Mexico black bear hound hunts. K9 Country Outfitters hunts with hound dogs on horseback, or in the dog box. We offer pricing for 1 hunter or 2 or more hunters. Licenses are purchased over the counter. Contact us today to experience the hunt of a lifetime! 

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What to Expect on Your Guided Bear Hunt

Our Black Bear hunts in New Mexico are a fully guided experience that you don't want to miss. We offer hunts for all weapons, meaning any kind of hunter can chase a bear with us. Here's what you can expect from a bear hunt with us:

  • Our bear hunts don't include lodging due to the range of units and hunting areas that we could be in. Your unit depends on your tag. Our lodging page has more information on where you should book your stay.
  • You and your guide will head to the best possible area to get the hunt started, once there, your guide will release the hounds!
  • You'll spend the hunt following the hounds as they track and tree a bear, allowing you shot opportunity to harvest your trophy
  • Once you've downed your New Mexico Black Bear, you'll get some pictures to remember your experience, then it's on to field dressing
  • After your meat is prepped and ready to go, you'll return home with a great story and a fantastic memory
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What to Know about Black Bears

The Black Bear species is widely known around the United States. What most people don't know is that the term "black" doesn't apply to all bears. These animals can be brown, gray, blonde, and a beautiful red color called cinnamon. A fully grown boar (male bear) can reach up to 400 pounds. That's a lot of meat! A fully grown sow (female bear) averages around 160 pounds. Black Bears live in forested areas and spend most of their time foraging for food. Our hounds will most likely jump a bear that is digging for berries or looking for its next food spot and chase it up a tree, putting it in the perfect position for you to bring it down! Come enjoy a great hunt in the beautiful New Mexico terrain with K9 Country Outfitters.

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New Mexico Bear Hunt Dates

2023 Hunt Dates: 

We offer early season in August and then September through November.

Please contact us for this season's Black Bear hunting dates.

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